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Charlotte Lilt
Charlotte Lilt

Chief Creative Officer

Charlotte Lilt is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Falling Flame Pictures.


As CCO, she ensures every project produced by Falling Flame Pictures is creatively sound, entertaining, well rounded, quality storytelling, while also ensuring the vision of the company is met.


In addition to her position as CCO of Falling Flame Pictures, Charlotte is also an American actress, director and producer who is best known for her work in film and television. She enjoys delving into the human psyche and creating characters people can relate to – characters that solicit deep emotion in an audience. She wants every character she writes and acts to have immeasurable, palpable depth and strives to produce quality, impactful work.


Beyond acting, directing, and producing, Charlotte is mother to her and Co-Founder Jason Wiechert's beautiful little boy. Everything she creates, she creates with the intention of helping others see themselves in her characters, break through mind-made constructs, and realize we’re all the same in our depth. She hopes her work will help bring more compassion and love into the world, making it an even better place for her boy.


During her downtime, Charlotte enjoys studying theoretical science. Much of her philosophy, in regards to acting and writing, has a lot to do with these studies. She breaks her characters down to an energy level and builds them from the ground up, believing this to be the only way to truly paint an organic portrait of raw human emotion.

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