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Ed Riccio
Ed Riccio

Executive Vice President

Ed Riccio is the Executive Vice President and co-founder of Falling Flame Pictures.

As Executive Vice President, Ed's expertise includes the areas of finance, accounting, and administrative operations for Falling Flame Pictures. 


Ed is an accomplished financial professional. With a B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia, and a Masters Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Ed began his career as a CPA in public accounting. In addition to establishing a company which provided continuing education to CPA's, his nearly forty years of experience has included stints in the telecom industry, a silicon valley company, and construction services.  


With twenty years experience as a Chief Financial Officer, Ed brings a wealth of understanding of financial transactions. He is an experienced negotiator and has a profound understanding of financial markets. Ed's ability to recognize value and opportunities makes him a great fit at Falling Flame Pictures.

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