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SHATTER (2019)


12 min   |   English   |






Falling Flame Pictures


Art of War Pictures 

Directed by Charlotte Lilt


Jason Wiechert

Jane Fendelman

Michael Hanelin

Coming soon..

Some wounds won’t heal, until you confront them.


An abused child, now grown, is still haunted by his past. Will therapy be enough for him to find closure, or will it take a more hands on approach?

Charlie Jones (Jason Wiechert) is haunted by a childhood that was filled with abuse at the hands of Martin (Michael Hanelin), a family friend.  He desperately needs help from his court-appointed therapist, Dr. Elena Shepherd (Jane Fendelman), to reconcile himself with his toxic past and relieve the burden he's been carrying for years. Will shining light on the walls of Charlie's protective darkness set him free or consume him?

SHATTER stills and behind the scenes. More stills and images are coming soon.
Cast & Crew

Charlie Jones / Jason Wiechert

Dr. Elena Shepherd Jane Fendelman

Martin / Michael Hanelin

Written & Directed By / Charlotte Lilt

Produced By / Jason Wiechert & Ryan Henry Johnston

Executive Producers / Jason Wiechert & Charlotte Lilt

Director of Photography / Brian Tooker

Production Designer / Megan Cottrell

Editor / Tyler Schneider

Associate Producers / Andy Gulbis, Ryan Hurley, Terry Hogan

Music Composer / Room Full of Hammers

Casting By / Charlotte Lilt

First Assistant Director / Ryan Henry Johnston

"A" Camera Operator / Brian Tooker

"B" Camera Operator / Tom J. McCoy

Second Assistant Camera / Jean Fleming

Second Assistant Camera / Jeff Fleming

Script Supervisor / Jean Fleming

Sound Mixer / Josh Morrison

Special Effects Makeup Artist / Rob Cobasky

Digital Imaging Technician / Brian Tooker

Lighting Consultant / Terry Hogan

Craft Service / Kolin Greaves

Catering Chef / Francesca Rose

Catering Manager / Mark Rose

Production Photographer / Bryan William Drews

Colorist / Brian Tooker

Titles By / Brian Tooker

Post Production Sound Services Provided By / Justin Moschcau

Sound Editorial & Design / Justin Moschcau

Score Written & Performed By / Room Full of Hammers

Music Editor / Room Full of Hammers

Music Recorded & Mixed By / Room Full of Hammers

Production Assistant / Jean Fleming

Production Assistant / Jeff Fleming

End Credits Song

“Internal Monologue of the Beleaguered Soul”

Written & Performed By Charlotte Lilt

Recorded at Room Full of Hammers Recording Studio

Courtesy of Charlotte Lilt


A Very Special Thanks To

The entire Cast and Crew

Room Full of Hammers

Andy Gulbis

Ryan Hurley

Matthew Wallerstein

Ryan Johnson

Rob Parsons

Francesca Rose

Mark Rose

Kolin Greaves

Jane Fendelman

Terry Hogan

Jon Burke

Laura Cruz

Patrick Burke

Chase Zerkle

Beth Burke

Dennis Fredrick

Greg Wayland


Filmed entirely in Phoenix, Arizona.

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