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Writers and filmmakers - Falling Flame Pictures wants to hear from you. We are currently open to reviewing new and exciting film, series pilot and documentary proposals as well as concept videos for feature films, series pilots and documentary projects. If you have a polished film script, series pilot script, documentary project or concept video, submit it to us for review. Your project may just end up being added to our slate of projects in development.

Guidelines for submitting proposals and scripts for films, series pilots, documentary projects, or concept videos are listed below.

Send all film, series pilot and documentary proposals, scripts, as well as links to concept videos to:

All submissions MUST include ALL requirements listed below.


Submission Requirements:

For Proposal Submissions:

Cover Page: 1 page

Brief logline: 2 - 3 sentences

Topic summary (documentary projects only)

Synopsis: 1 - 2 pages 

Finished Script (see script submission requirements below)

Status of the project

Total budget in US Dollars

Budget top sheet: 1 - 2 page budget for all stages of production

Amount of funding already secured

List of funding sources

Fundraising strategy: 1 - 2 paragraphs

Distribution and marketing strategy: 1 - 2 paragraphs

Director's prior work: 1 paragraph

(If multiple directors are attached: 1 paragraph each)

Key creative personnel: 1 paragraph each


For Screenplay/Script Submissions:

Film screenplay: 85 - 160 pages

Drama series pilot script: 50 - 70 pages

Comedy series pilot script: For single-camera series, scripts should be 36 pages or shorter (single-spaced); for multi-camera, 54 pages or shorter (double-spaced).

Film, series pilot or documentary concept video: 2 - 30 minutes

If your film, series pilot or documentary concept video is password protected please provide the password in the body of your submission email.

File Format Requirements:

All proposals should be in PDF format (Portable Document Format)

All scripts should be in standard screenplay format. We accept submissions in either PDF format (Portable Document Format) or FDR, FDX formats (Final Draft File Formats).

For concept video submissions please provide a link in the body of your submission email to your video on either YouTube or Vimeo platforms.

Script Language Requirements:

All screenplays and series pilot scripts should be written in English.

Film, Series Pilot and Documentary Idea Submissions:

All submitted proposals must be far enough along in development to include all applicable requirements listed above in order to be considered.

We are currently not accepting children's series submissions.

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