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Wolf Club  (????)

Proof of Concept/Opening Sequence

105 min   |   English   |


Falling Flame Pictures


Art of War Pictures

Produced by

Jason Wiechert

Directed by

Ryan Henry Johnston


Written by

Will Hirsch and Ryan Henry Johnston

Potential Film Investors,

For your investment consideration please click the video above to watch the short proof of concept, opening sequence for the feature film titled "Wolf Club," which is currently in development. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for watching.

Brief Synopsis:

The Rathbone family likens itself to wolves - supreme hunters worthy of their kills.  But the Rathbones prey on people. And they do it for sport.

A spinning wheel decides the fate of the hunted in the Rathbones’ sadistic annual ritual.  This year, they capture a group of backpackers and release them back into the woods, one at a time with a sporting head start.  But one backpacker, Hira, isn’t terrified. She is a survivor with a very private, very violent past.  Her friends, unskilled and frightened, succumb as the spinning wheel dictates.  But the Rathbone’s never reckoned with Hira, herself a predator and capable of fighting back.  She does, magnificently.  That confuses the intrepid characters who stride into the plot for their own purposes.  Meanwhile, a deputy sheriff, who is new to town, and a father who is desperately searching for his missing daughter, Emily, team up to find her - Only to discover Emily isn’t the only missing person; over the years, hundreds have gone missing. As they piece together the evidence, they uncover a corruption within the sheriff’s department and an annual ritual that goes back many years.

Wolf Club - Proof of Concept for Investor Consideration
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Interested investors may contact Producer Jason Wiechert for more information and to talk further about investing in this feature film.

Jason Wiechert




Wolf Club Investor Proposal Cover Page

Click above to read the feature film investor proposal for "Wolf Club".

Wolf Club stills and behind the scenes coming soon.
Cast & Crew

Casting and hiring crew for this title has been postponed until 2022.

Producer / Jason Wiechert

Producer / Charlotte Lilt

Producer / Director / Writer / Ryan Henry Johnston

Writer / Will Hirsch​ 

More information coming soon.

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